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What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care is a model of care where patients have a direct relationship with their physician and pay a monthly membership fee for primary care services, with no insurance involvement in this relationship, and no additional fees. Because of this your doctor can see fewer patients and spend more time with you to focus on your health and wellbeing.


What is included in my membership fee? 

All your clinic visits are included, as well as 24/7 access to your provider via phone, text, and email. Routine lab testing that is run in the clinic like Strep testing, urinalysis, and hemoccult testing, etc, are included. Routine injections like steroids and antibiotics are also available for no extra fee. Certain vaccinations (i.e. flu) are available at cost to patients.


Will insurance cover my membership fee?

Traditional insurance will not cover your membership fee, but it will pay for any labs, imaging, medications, and hospitalizations you may need. Some Health share ministry plans may provide discounts if you are seen by a direct primary care provider (i.e. Liberty Healthshare, Sedera). If you have a high deductible plan you will soon be able to use your HSA to pay for direct primary care services. 


Do I still need health insurance, and what are my options with DPC?

Because Direct Primary Care only covers your routine outpatient

primary care, we recommend you obtain insurance coverage for 

hospital based care. Coverage plans that pair well with Direct

Primary Care are high deductible plans, HSA, and Health share 

plans. We can provide you with resources for more information.


Do you accept Medicare?

Dominion Primary Care does not accept Medicare.


Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No. If you are not satisfied please let us know and your

membership will be canceled within 30 days.


How do I contact my provider after hours?

Dr. Navejar can be reached by phone and text after hours and 

on the weekends.


What happens when my doctor is on vacation or unavailable?

Dr. Navejar will attempt to make arrangements so that you are cared for by a covering provider, or you may also be evaluated at the closest urgent care center. 


How are labs and imaging studies billed?

We offer wholesale pricing on labs and imaging services through the use of our affiliates. Labs fees will be collected in our office at the time of service, and you will always know the cost before labs are drawn with our transparent pricing. Imaging fees may be collected in the clinic or at the imaging facility at the time of service, with payment plans available at some imaging locations.    


How are specialty referrals done/coordinated?

Your care will be coordinated with referring providers with as much detail as possible so they are aware of your health history and the  reason for the referral, and so you are seen in a timely manner. Some specialists will be available at a cash rate, and some specialist evaluations can be done by a virtual visit at no additional cost to the patient, providing additional value. 


Can I access medical care if I am out of town?

Many minor medical issues can be managed over the phone without the need for a visit, so Dr. Navejar should be your first point of contact. If more extensive care is required, we can help coordinate your care to ensure you receive the appropriate evaluation and treatment.


How do I know if Dominion Primary Care is right for me?

Schedule a free consultation to meet Dr. Navejar and ask questions to see if we can meet your needs. 


What is Internal Medicine?

Internal Medicine is a medical specialty within primary care where physicians are trained to handle a broad and comprehensive spectrum of illnesses that can affect adults (18+). Internists are able to manage multiple chronic illnesses that can impact multiple organ systems at one time to help patients stay well. 


What is a DO?

A physician who has completed training in an osteopathic medicine program and is a fully licensed physician who practices a holistic approach to the treatment and care of patients. DO's receive traditional medical training, as well as training in osteopathic manipulative medicine, which offers complementary treatments to many common musculoskeletal ailments.